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Dr Peter Terry is Professor of Psychology and Dean of the Graduate Research School at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia. He has published six books as well as more than 250 scholarly articles and book chapters. In his career as a sport psychologist over the past 35 years, he has worked at more than 100 international sporting events, including nine Olympic Games. Browse a few of his books and websites below. Some are for sale and others are free.

Inside Sport Psychology

ISBN 978-0-7360-3329-9

Presented in a user-friendly format, Inside Sport Psychology covers key aspects of sport psychology, including the most effective methods for enhancing performance and preparing mentally for important competitions. Integrating up-to-date research findings with real-life events, the authors include psychological principles associated with over 20 sports, including soccer, rugby, tennis, golf, shooting and track and field. Mental imagery is discussed and a wide variety of visualization exercises included. Tips are given to help athletes adopt a positive mental attitude, as well as how to manage fluctuations in mood to maintain consistency in their performance. Inside Sport Psychology demonstrates how to apply psychology in a range of sport settings by offering an accessible and evidence-based approach. Explaining what works and what doesn’t, it is an ideal resource for athletes and coaches wishing to incorporate sport psychology into training and competition.



The New Sport and Exercise Psychology Companion


In one of the most extensive and all-encompassing books of its kind, The New Sport and Exercise Psychology Companion provides readers with an advanced understanding of the major themes that reflect the development and current status of sport and exercise psychology today. Editors Tony Morris and Peter Terry invited nearly 50 of the world's leading experts on the key aspects of sport and exercise psychology to examine and explain the latest findings and newest directions of research.



In The Mood


Our moods influence our performance in sport, life and work. The In The Mood website offers FREE online mood profiling. Take the test, receive a detailed report of your current mood status, an indication of how it will affect your performance, and a list of evidence-based mood regulation strategies to create an optimal mindset. Use it as often as you like at no charge with no sign-in or registration required.






Sport and Exercise Psychology: International Perspectives



Sport and Exercise Psychology: International Perspectives is a collection of extended papers by the invited keynote speakers and two early career awardees at the 11th ISSP World Congress of Sport Psychology. Edited by Tony Morris, Peter Terry and Sandy Gordon, the 10 papers are grouped in pairs under five different headings: Sport Psychology Theory, Sport Psychology Practice, Psychology of Exercise,Cognitive Psychology and Psychophysiology, and Motor Skill and Expert Performance. Sport and Exercise Psychology: International Perspectives reflects some of the most important work in the field, each one written by a world expert. Chapters in this book are destined to become classics in the area, pulling together substantial bodies of work by the presenters and their colleagues.

The Winning Mind: Fine Tune Your Mind For Superior Sports Performance



Whether you are an amateur golfer, an international athlete or a sports coach, you will care very much about performance. You may try hard, you may train hard and you may have exceptional ability, but sports performance is unpredictable and that can lead to inconsistency and frustration. Any champion athlete will tell you that psychology is crucially important, and that it is The Winning Mind that separates the winners from the rest. Here Peter Terry explains the psychological aspects of performance and shows you how to develop the strength of mind that is characteristic of all great sportsmen and women.

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