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Written and edited by experts in the field of sport psychology, Secrets of Asian Sport Psychology includes accounts of how the world's best athletes have used sport psychology techniques to achieve their success and deal with life's challenges. The book links countries in the Asian-South Pacific region to the sports at which they excel. Learn about the sport psychology secrets of Archery in Korea, Gymnastics in China, Boxing in the Philippines, Golf in Taiwan, Triathlon in Australia, Rugby in New Zealand, Judo in Japan, Wrestling in Iran, Shooting in India, and much much more.


Secrets of Asian Sport Psychology has been produced as an Open Educational Resource under a Creative Commons licence, which means that it can be downloaded for free, shared with others, and used for your own purposes (see Creative Commons).


Sponsored by the Asian-South Pacific Association of Sport Psychology and the University of Southern Queensland, Secrets of Asian Sport Psychology is the very first text on the subject of applied sport psychology to be published under a creative commons licence.

Each chapter can be downloaded separately by clicking on the relevant chapter link below, or the whole book can be downloaded by clicking HERE or on the link below.


Secrets of Asian Sport Psychology (complete book 72 MB)


Introduction (1 MB)


Aerials Skiing in China (1 MB)


Archery in Korea (2 MB)


Baseball in Japan (3 MB)


Boxing in Philippines (4 MB)


Cricket in Sri Lanka (7 MB)


Diving in China (2 MB)


Golf in Taiwan (2 MB)


Gymnastics in China (3 MB)


Judo in Japan (3 MB)


Pool in Philippines (2 MB)


Rowing in Australia (2 MB)


Rugby in New Zealand (9 MB)


Sailing in Israel (3 MB)


Shooting in India (5 MB)


Speed Skating in Korea (3 MB)


Table Tennis in Singapore (1 MB)


Taekwondo in Korea (3 MB)


Track Cycling in Australia (5 MB)


Triathlon in Australia (2 MB)


Windsurfing in Hong Kong (3 MB)


Wrestling in Iran (4 MB)

Secrets of Asian Sport Psychology

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